Tie Dye Shammies

Shammys/ Chamois are like little towels, but not the soft, bulky, carpet-like towel generally used after a shower. Shammys are made of rayon PVA material and hold up to 10 times their weight in liquid and quickly dry you off again after being rung out.

Fun Fact

The origin of the shammy/ chamois dates back to the early 1960's when they were made of chamoix skin. This is an animal that looks similar to a goat. But don't worry, today they are made out of synthetic materials- and no goats are harmed in the Tie Dyeing process. 

Why To Die For Shammies?

As former National Team Member, NCAA diver and current High Diver I know first-hand how important it is to have a good quality shammy. Knowing this I have put much time and effort into creating the perfect recipe and dyeing process to create the most vibrant and long lasting colors.

Any To-Die-For-Shammy user will tell you that even after a year of use the colors are still bright and vibrant.

Team shammies

Club Teams, National Team, College or High School teams anything is possible. Contact us to discuss color and logo options.

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