The creator of To-Die-For-Shammies is me, Ginni van Katwijk, a diver from the Netherlands currently living in the United States.  I try to create and sell the best quatliy and most unique tie dye shammies / chamois for everyone. I initially started tie dyeing in my garage apartment in Houston, TX over 10 years ago. 


     As an international student-athlete at the University of Houston I competed at NCAA's as well as many Grandprix, European Championships and World Cups, representing the Netherlands. As my tie dye shammies / chamois gained popularity I continued tie dyeing even after I officially "retired" as a competitive diver. But I can still be found in the pool a lot as I am now a high diver and I recently competed in my first RedBull CliffDiving event. 


​   Besides making shammies I also performed in shows (as a high diver) on Royal Caribbean cruise ships and I was part of the House of Dancing Water Show in Macau, China (This one sadly closed after Covid).

Right now I am back again on the Harmony of the Seas for another high diving contract. Because of this I will be shipping out shammies once a week on the weekend. I thank you for your understanding. 

      If you are looking for specific color combinations and or patterns please shoot me a message and of course I will always try and see what I have available. 




Enjoying my life traveling.
Performing on the Cruiseship.
Competing as a 3 & 10 meter diver.
Competing 10 meter at European Championships.

The story of the combining passions

My Mission

     My mission is to create awesome, unique, and durable tie dye shammies / chamois / sammies for anybody and everybody in diving (and other sports!).

As a diver myself I do my best to cater to diver's needs, by listening to their requests and suggestions.


The Challenge

     If you have any ideas, suggestions and/or requests, please do not hesistate to contact me! I am always up for a creative challenge! This could be anything from requests for paintings, shammy ideas, designs, etc.