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-Daisy Stone-

The celebs (from ITV show Splash!) love love love the shammies! 

-Charlotte Smart-

I used it at a meet in Portsmouth yesterday, I absolutely love it.

-Wendy Bloemers-

Jonathan's shammie cam today and he is THRILLED! 

-Lawrence Lu-

We finally received it last week. My daughter was smitten... Couldn't wipe the smile off her face. Thanks!  

-James M. Niemann-

You are a true professional, with passion for her business and I truly appreciate your artistry. Keep up the great work! I'm a fan. 

-Amanda Crouthamel-

My friend loves her new shammie! The rest of my team saw her shammie and now all of them want one too including myself. 

-Jessica-Jane Applegate-

Who needs a boyfriend on valentines day when To-Die-For-Shammies sends you a shammy? It's so amazing! Thank you! 

-Monique Gladding-

Thank you Ginni for making my special chamois for the Londong Olympics!

-Ivan Zigas-

Received my shammy a couple days ago. OMG it's perfect thank you! I love it! Thank you so much!

-Heather McKenna-

Do you still have tie dye socks available for purchase? My daughter adores her current pair but as she hardly ever seems to take them of they'll have holes soon lol. 

-Jessica Paratto-

AAAAH ITS AMAZING!!! Now that's talent! 


I got the package this week. My divers just love the shammies. Thank you! 

-Helen Heslop-

The shammies arrived today. They are lovely, as I brought them to the pool the kids were all over them. 

-Dan Cashmer-

Thank you! My daughter loves your shammies!

-Lynn Laing-

The Bob Jones High School Shammies are great! I just finished packaging them up with hand made ornaments for my son to give out to his dive team. They are going to love them! 

-Tom Daley-

It is awesome! you make the best shammies. 

Tie Dye Shammies
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