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Customized Tie Dye Shammy w/ Name & Diver Silhouette

Customized Tie Dye Shammy w/ Name & Diver Silhouette


Now you can customize your shammy with a your (nick)name and diver silhuoette. No more losing your shammy at practice or a dive meet!


The regular size shammies / chamois are 13'' by 17'' inches (33cm by 43cm).

The Large size shammies / chamois are 17'' by 27'' inches (43 cm by 69 cm)

  • Product Details

    These tie dye shammies are extremely absorbent and will dry you of in no time. Use the your Chamois/ cooling towel while wet. Wet it in warm or cool water, and wring out excess water. The towel is made of a super absorbing sponge like material that can hold up to 8 times its weight in water.

    The dye used is very vibrant and long lasting. Some excess bleeding of the dye used to create the shammy may occur during its first use, this will stop. Each and every shammy has been rinsed by hand as well as in the washing machine.  No pre treatment is needed, your shammy is good to go.

    Once finished using, the shammy it can be washed and hung out to dry completely for long-term storage. Then re-wet to activate for further use.

    None of these shammies are the same, they all have unique patterns and color schemes as they are all one by one hand made. I will randomly choose a shammy from the available stock. If you want specific colors please leave a message in the box and I will do my best to accommodate you.

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